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TippleFairs are not just about buying and selling. There is a friendliness which transcends the everyday competitiveness of collecting. This photograph album illustrates the enjoyment that people get out of the TippleFair, and why over 300 collectors come back for more.

Organiser at TF4 Pitfield beer!
TippleFair Organiser Peter Ballantyne poses with family members after a successful TippleFair 4 Pitfield Beer - the Fair's favourite!

A Backsider at TF4 You, too, can meet the Backsiders at TF5, if you play your cards right. Here's one of them at TF4, enjoying the ambience.

From Becks to Guinness!
There are plenty of stalls where... you can buy or sell drinks related items

Relax!!! A natter!
relax ... or have a natter!

Organiser, Peter Ballantyne This is where it all happens. Organiser Peter Ballantyne in his 'office' at home, with not a drink in sight! Working on his collection.